Japan Approves Largest-Ever Defense Budget
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Japan Approves Largest-Ever Defense Budget
Japan Approves Largest-Ever Defense Budget

Shinzo Abe’s cabinet has approved a $42 billion defense budget, the largest ever in the country’s history.

By Ankit Panda
January 14, 2015

Japan’s cabinet has approved a 4.98 trillion yen (approximately $42 billion) defense budget, the largest absolute sum allocated for defense in the country’s history. The defense budget marks the third straight year of increased defense spending and represents a 2.8 percent rise over Japan’s previous fiscal year. The change is consistent with other decisions regarding Japan’s defense made under the leadership of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Amid perceptions of an increasingly unstable East Asian region, with growing threats from a rising China and an unpredictable North Korea, Abe is eager to position Japan to practice what he describes as “proactive pacifism.” (...)


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RE: Japan Approves Largest-Ever Defense Budget
Japs are feeling pressure from the norks and chicoms and have been for some time. Doesn't help that Obumbler is gutting the U.S. military.

Good for em though the last time they went on a massive arms-building program they nearly destroyed the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. LOL A stronger Japan would be a definite plus in East Asia- the imperialism has largely been pounded out of them thanks to WW2 so methinks they just want a larger military to keep the chicoms and norks from getting adventuresome. China especially- the chicoms like to bully the nations in 'their' maritime territory. I guess facing down Japanese naval vessels would be a tad more intimidating for the chinks rather than meeting some beat-up filipino fishing trawlers or tourist boats. Hmm...


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