Greece says not in 'Wild West showdown' with Europe
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Greece says not in 'Wild West showdown' with Europe
Greece says not in 'Wild West showdown' with Europe

By Michele Kambas and William James

NICOSIA/LONDON (Reuters) - Greece sought to reassure international investors on Monday that it was not in a Wild West-style standoff with European partners over a new debt agreement, although sparring partner Germany gave no ground after a tough first week. (...)

When asked whether Greece would seek aid from Russia, which has suggested it could be willing to listen to a request for support from Athens, he said: "Right now, there are no other thoughts on the table." (...)

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RE: Greece says not in 'Wild West showdown' with Europe
If Greece decides to keep Russia as the only remaining friend the country's fate will be sealed.

Heck, I still can't stop laughing when I hear Tsipras announce that now he is going against the old financial oligarchy when at the same time he picked one of the most corrupt figures of that Ancien Régime, fatass multi-millionaire Panos Kammenos as minister of the defence.

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