Germany Hits Export Surplus Record in 2014
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Germany Hits Export Surplus Record in 2014
The weak Euro gives Germany an advantage again.

Quote:Germany Hits Export Surplus Record in 2014

Economics think tank Ifo said on Monday that their projections show Germany’s exports exceeding imports by €220 billion in 2014, pushing the country to a new world record.

The current account surplus was a new record for Europe’s biggest economy and was the biggest surplus globally.

Second was China with €150 billion followed by Saudi Arabia with €100 billion, Ifo said.

In 2013, Germany exported €190 billion more in goods than were imported.

Economists said that the increase is due to cheaper oil imports at the end of 2014 thanks to falling prices.

The weakening euro also contributed as it makes German-manufactured goods cheaper in key markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom.
2015 Feb 03 17:33
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RE: Germany Hits Export Surplus Record in 2014
Who exactly is Germany in this context? The number of German workers who profit from higher exports is relatively slim. An account surplus basically means that many Germans can no longer afford products made in Germany.

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2015 Feb 04 00:46
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