Oil and gas industry in 'bleak' 2014, finds survey
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Oil and gas industry in 'bleak' 2014, finds survey
Quote:The UK offshore oil and gas industry has reported its worst annual performance for four decades.

Industry body Oil & Gas UK said falling oil prices and rising costs meant the sector spent and invested £5.3bn more than it earned from sales during 2014.

That outflow of cash was the biggest since massive investment in platforms in the 1970s preceded the flow of oil.

The body's annual survey also indicated that investment in the industry is set to fall this year, as well as drilling.

Oil & Gas UK said the "bleak" findings emphasised the urgency of government action to secure the industry's long-term future.

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Ed Davey MP: "We need to make sure the North Sea is competitive"
Although drilling of 25 wells was expected last year, only 14 took place, continuing a downward trend. Only 50 million barrels of viable reserves of oil or its gas equivalent were discovered.

This year, Oil & Gas UK members expect between eight and 14 exploratory wells to be drilled, and only five wells to appraise initial discoveries.

This points to a steep drop in investment in developing new reserves and extending current offshore fields.

The survey also showed that:

Investment last year reached £14.8bn, which was higher than expected due to cost and project over-runs.

It is forecast to fall to between £9.5bn and £11.3bn during this year. Feedback from offshore operators suggests very little new investment is expected to be given the go-ahead during 2015.

Annual investment could fall as low as £2.5bn within three years, once the current wave of large projects enters production.
Production of oil and gas fell by only 1% during 2014, following sharp falls over the previous three years. Due to recent high investment levels, it is expected to rise by 1% during this year.

Operating costs continued to rise during last year, up by 8% to £9.6bn.

The cost per barrel extracted has risen to a record high of £18.50. That is expected to fall as the industry cuts back on its costs, including a controversial move to change rota patterns for offshore workers.

It is claimed that cost and efficiency measures need to improve by up to 40% per barrel of oil if there is to be a sustainable future for the UK's offshore sector.

Oil & Gas UK chief executive Malcolm Webb said: "Even at $110 per barrel, the ability of the industry to realise the full potential of the UK's oil and gas resource was hamstrung by escalating costs, an unsustainably heavy tax burden and inappropriate regulation.

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Oil price on the way up right now, so maybe 2015 won't be as bad for Scottish oil and gas.
2015 Feb 24 17:33
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