Experiment shows Islamophobia in hiring
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Experiment shows Islamophobia in hiring
Quote:Muslim women with hijab disadvantaged on Czech job market
Prague, Feb 26 (ČTK) — A Muslim woman with a hijab has a much smaller chance of gaining a job than the rest, as shown by an experiment in which some firms were sent a CV with a photo of a female job seeker with or without the headscarf, activist Klára Popovová said at the seminar Muslim Bogeys.

The woman without any veil was invited to the interview by one-fifth of prospective employers, but none of them answered the application sent by the veiled woman, Popovová, from the Muslimove.cz research and education project, said.

"I chanced to be told that the photo of a job applicant with a hijab was circulating in one of the addressed companies. The staff were sending it for amusement to one another, considering it a joke," Popovová said, adding that she then had made photos of her with and without the hijab that was enclosed with the CV for the experiment.

The activists sent the CVs to 66 companies that were advertising the job of an assistant.

One half of them received a photo with the hijab, one half without it. One-fifth of the prospective employers invited the unveiled young woman for interview, Popovová said, adding that the success rate was quite common.

The Muslim job seeker did not obtain any reply.

"We thought the companies could employ a Muslim woman with a scarf at least in the positions where she will not be seen, such as sorting and processing the mail," Popovová said.

"However, she did not succeed even there," she added.

Popovová said some companies abroad had modified the staff uniforms for Muslim women.

However, the employers in the Czech Republic are not so obliging, she added.

Popovova said one of the employees of a bakery was forced by her boss to work without the hijab.

Another young woman was afraid to go to work wearing the hijab, Popovová said.

She mentioned the problem before her boss who reacted very positively, not having the slightest problem with the scarf, she added.

A discussion on wearing the hijab was started roughly 18 months ago when two foreign-born students left a nursing school in Prague over the ban to wear the hijab.

Ombudsman Anna Šabatová demanded that the school rules be changed saying the school indirectly discriminated against the girls. The hijab is a manifestation of their religious belief, she argued.

The 2011 population census recorded roughly 3,300 Muslims in the Czech Republic, but estimates put their real number at 10,000-20,000. The population of the Czech Republic is 10.5 million.

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