Wales devolution: 'No question' of tax referendum
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Wales devolution: 'No question' of tax referendum
The devolution of powers isn't consistent. In 1997, Scots voted on income tax devolution. Now, Wales and Scotland are to get more income tax devolution without any vote.

Quote:Calls for a referendum on income tax powers for Wales have been rejected by the first minister, despite a pledge by David Cameron on minimum funding.

Announcing plans for further devolution, the prime minister said it removed "the last remaining barriers" to a public vote on tax powers.

Carwyn Jones insisted the two things were "not linked", denouncing the offer on funding as a "vague promise".

He said UK ministers had given "no real commitment" to tackle underfunding.

Under the plans announced on Friday, the Welsh government's funding would not fall below a certain - as yet unspecified - level, with an expectation that a referendum on income tax would then take place.

It is understood the UK government had previously insisted such a pledge would depend on a firm commitment to a referendum.

'Stepped back'
Mr Jones told BBC Radio Wales: "The two things are not linked. Only on Tuesday were we told of the link between a referendum on income tax and fair funding for Wales.

"My answer was 'no' as the two things are not related. They've stepped back from that in London and I welcome that."

However, he added: "We've had no real commitment from the UK government, no date when the underfunding of Wales will be dealt with and no sum of money mentioned; just a vague promise."
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