BBC poll suggests 64% of Scots want immigration reduced
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BBC poll suggests 64% of Scots want immigration reduced
There's a myth among Scottish left-wingers that England is a nasty, racist country, while Scotland is all tolerant and multicultural. As the below shows this isn't really true, even though Scotland has only a fraction of the migrants we do - and there are no Tower Hamlets or Bradfords in the country.

Quote:Almost two-thirds of Scots think immigration should be reduced, a poll commissioned by the BBC has suggested.

It suggests that Scots are almost as negative about immigration as the population in the rest of Britain.

The poll found that 49% wanted to see less immigration, exactly the same proportion as across Britain, and 15% said it should be stopped altogether.

This is in contrast to politicians at Holyrood who tend to agree that Scotland needs more skilled migrants.

In the YouGov/BBC poll just 5% said immigration should be increased - only slightly more than in England.

Some 27% of Scots said immigration was good for the country compared to 22% across Britain.

The poll suggested that 64% of people in Scotland wanted immigration reduced or stopped completely. The figure for Britain as a whole was 70%.

It found that women in Scotland were more likely to want immigration cut (69%) than men (60%).

Older people were much more likely to be against immigration, with 76% of over 60s in favour of a reduction as opposed to 43% of 18 to 24 year olds.
2015 Mar 10 16:18
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