Segregation in Sweden will continue to rise
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Segregation in Sweden will continue to rise
Quote:Segregation between ethnic Swedes and people from foreign backgrounds has widened in the past two decades in some of the biggest towns in Sweden, according to the Dagens Nyheter daily.

The newspaper has investigated how large a proportion of all immigrants and second-generation immigrants have other foreign-born or people with foreign-born parents as their 400 closest neighbours – and then compared this to the same figure for native Swedes. The difference between the two values forms "the segregation differential".

The segregation differential for the capital Stockholm in 1991 was 14 percentage units, compared to 22 percentage units today. In Gothenburg it has gone up from 14 to 25 and in Malmö in southern Sweden from 16 to 22 percentage units.

Compared to 1991, segregation has risen the most in Kristianstad, and Örebro and Linköping in central Sweden. The former has seen an exceptional rise, from 6 percentage units in 1991 to 27 today.

Sweden receives the highest number of refugees per capita in the European Union, although recent figures by the Swedish Migration Board indicated that the number is dropping.
2015 Mar 10 17:39
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