Clet the famous lone dolphin spotted on Dorset coast
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Clet the famous lone dolphin spotted on Dorset coast
Quote:[Image: rmmufk.jpg]

A SOLITARY dolphin famous for travelling long distances has turned up near a Dorset coast.

Photos and videos have been captured of a bottlenose dolphin swimming around Portland over the past few days.

The dolphin is believed to be Clet, who is known for his distinctive scarring on his dorsal fin. He was named by residents in Brittany back in 2008 after he was caught following fishing boats.

Clet has hit the headlines in the past for showing aggressive behaviour towards swimmers off the coast of Ireland.

He's also been spotted off the coasts of Cornwall, Wales and Scotland.

The above photo was taken by Steve Belasco in Balaclava Bay on Tuesday. Clet was spotted again on Wednesday in Portland Harbour by Mark Rowles, who also captured a video of the dolphin.

The dolphin’s emergence has brought back fresh memories of Randy the dolphin, who took up a residency in waters off Weymouth and Portland in 2002.

Randy became a celebrity along the Dorset coast, attracting thousands of visitors to the borough all hoping to swim with the friendly dolphin.

Julie Hatcher, marine awareness officer at Dorset Wildlife Trust, said she had become aware of Clet via social media but assumed the sighting was recorded from a different Portland.

Read more and watch the video

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RE: Clet the famous lone dolphin spotted on Dorset coast
Swimming with male dolphin strangers is not always a good idea, as Megan's Law still does not apply to sea mammals. Dolphins have penises that are so terrifyingly long and retractable that they are constantly wrapping them around females (and males) to have relations. The dolphin penis can also swivel, and can operate like a human hand, to feel out objects.

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