Free Money; What Could Go Wrong?
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Free Money; What Could Go Wrong?
Free Money; What Could Go Wrong?

Mar 14, 2015 - 04:11 PM GMT
By: Doug_Wakefield

Isn’t all of this QE (quick and easy) money great? When the Federal Reserve shut down their latest Quantitative Easing program last October (the largest “free money” scheme in American history), the Bank of Japan was ready to expand their largest “free money” scheme, and starting on March 9th this week, after many attempts to kick start its own “free money” scheme in Europe, the European Central Bank kicked off its own Quantitative Easing program.

However, I keep reminding myself of a principal I was taught early in life, “Nothing is free.” (...)

The Future of finance And the theory that underpins it

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RE: Free Money; What Could Go Wrong?
I guess foresight is a virtue most often overlooked. I don't think anyone actually understand what 'free money', 'free food' or 'free' anything actually entails.
2015 Apr 09 22:08
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RE: Free Money; What Could Go Wrong?
You assume anyone but somebody in opposition to quantitative easing called it that. It is a last ditch attempt policy when shit has already hit the fan. And foresight there is, albeit with some risk. Decline in real value of pension savings for example.

The point isn't to create more money out of thin air. The point is to use it to get capital liquid again by lowering interest rates. To get people to spend instead of saving.

I'd rather see the squirreled away assets of the super rich seized and used to stimulate the economy however and lower the chance of yet another financial crisis. ;)

The Tory government here is making it possible for people to "cash in" their pension and spend it. This has two main motives: increase spending and increase popularity before the election. I bet a bunch of middle class pensioners are thinking of tax dodging as I write.

This article is nothing but an advert for some shill of a financial advisors services. A quick google brings up one Yelp review by somebody claiming to have ended up out of pocket. Tongue

2015 Apr 10 00:25

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