Nationalists coming to Denmark’s Folkemødet
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Nationalists coming to Denmark’s Folkemødet
Nationalists coming to Denmark’s Folkemødet

Published: 15 May 2015 15:17 GMT+02:00
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Dutch politician Geert Wilders’s participation in next month’s People’s Meeting (Folkemødet) has already caused plenty of controversy, but on Friday it was announced that he will be far from the only European politician with extreme views who will take part in the political festival on Bornholm.

The nationalist Danes’ Party (Danskernes Parti) said on Friday that it would be participating in this year’s People's Meeting (Folkemødet) and will be bringing along several of their far-right colleagues from across Europe.

The Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn has already accepted an invitation and will send MEP Georgios Epitideios to represent them if Folkemødet organizers approve a debate on nationalism. An answer is expected on Monday.

Golden Dawn has been widely branded a neo-Nazi and racist party and some of its members have been accused of violence and hate crimes. The party also has a long history of violent clashes with left-wing parties. The party's offices have been bombed on four occasions, two Golden Dawn members were shot dead outside of party offices in suburban Athens in 2013 and a man connected to the party murdered a Greek hip-hop artist and activist that same year.

The party's leader Nikos Michaloliakos and other Golden Dawn lawmakers are currently on trail, accused of running a criminal organization.

The leader of the Danes’ Party, Daniel Carlsen, told broadcaster DR that he has also invited representatives from the Italian nationalist party New Force (Forza Nuova) and French nationalists l'Oeuvre française to join.

All four parties are part of the pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

“We are nationalists and we work together to restore Europe with free, sovereign and ethnically and culturally homogenous nations. The greatest challenge is the demographic change. This population change I think can rightly be called a genocide against indigenous Europeans,” Carlsen told DR.

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RE: Nationalists coming to Denmark’s Folkemødet
I suppose the Danes party is modelled on the Swedes party, with a similar crowd behind it? The Swedes' Party threw in the towel recently.

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