Why Sealion is Not an Option for Hitler to Win the War
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Why Sealion is Not an Option for Hitler to Win the War
Why Sealion is Not an Option for Hitler to Win the War

by Alison Brooks

(Note: The late Alison Brooks was responsible for a number of fondly remembered posts and commentaries on various Usenet news groups, of which this essay was one. She subsequently placed it on her 'Web site, where it remained for some time -- but unfortunately, that site has now disappeared. However, as this essay is still quoted from time to time in discussions of its subject, I felt that it should be kept available to the public, for reference and a as a small memorial to Alison. So, with the permission of her husband, Dave Flin, I've tracked down a copy and I'm putting it here. I've done a little formatting and tidying up, but otherwise, I've left it alone to speak for itself. -- Phil Masters, April 2008.)

One of the more common suggestions that crop up at all-too regular intervals goes along the lines of: "If Hitler hadn't switched from bombing airfields to bombing cities, then Operation Sealion would have worked."

Unfortunately for these suggestions, the plan for Sealion was perhaps the most flawed plan in the history of modern warfare. Getting it to a workable state requires so many changes that an author's artistic license would be revoked.

What follows is an analysis of Sealion in OTL. (...)



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