Northern Ireland crisis: Ulster Unionists pull out of government
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Northern Ireland crisis: Ulster Unionists pull out of government
This happened a few days ago. Some talk too of DUP pulling out too over the IRA news.

Quote:Following a meeting in Belfast, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) has withdrawn from the Northern Ireland Executive and will form an opposition within Stormont. The UUP unanimously voted to withdraw from the assembly in the wake of allegations about a murder the police believe was carried out by the IRA.

The UUP called the meeting after the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said ex-IRA man Kevin McGuigan Sr had been murdered by members of the terror group in association with a group called Action Against Drugs. The PSNI also said the IRA's command structure remains in place - though Chief Constable George Hamilton said there was no evidence the murder was sanctioned by those at the top.

The UUP made their decision at a meeting at a hotel in East Belfast today (29 August). The party's only executive minister, Danny Kennedy, will tender his resignation next Tuesday (1 September). The leader of the UUP, Mike Nesbitt, described the Executive as a "busted flush."
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