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Quote:Why Estonia is a country for the future
Good political leadership and digital innovation explain the Baltic success story

Tallinn, Estonia — Estonia is arguably the most advanced country in the world when it comes to use of the Internet and related technologies. Estonia is a most improbable success, in that a mere quarter of a century ago it was still under domination of the Soviet Union as a very poor backwater on the Baltic Sea. Now it is a developed country and a member of both the EU and NATO.


Estonians have taken their initial success with e-government and moved to what they call e-Estonia. As of January 2012, 90 percent of the Estonians chose to acquire an electronic ID card, which they use for almost all on-line services. The card contains a chip “which holds not only information about the card’s owner, but two certificates, one of which is used to authenticate identity and the second to render a digital signature.” It has a number of security features, including pin codes. The card is an identity and travel document for use within the EU.



And here is the same comment I left on this article on facebook:

The most telling sentence in this story is the very last one: "Here in their glorious and fully and beautifully restored “old town” which goes back to the Middle Ages, one can access the most comprehensive set of Internet services on the planet."

Sure, the Tallinn Old Town is a pretty showcase for "e-Estonia", but if you leave it and go anywhere else in the country, the penny drops immediately. Being the supposed number one in e-this and e-that is pretty cold comfort for the average Estonian who has to deal with the decaying infra, predatorily corrupt authorities, ridiculously low salaries and Finnish vodka tourists.

As for "good political leadership" in Estonia, well, that argument can be debunked with just two words, them being "Edgar" and "Savisaar".

I like to look at the human self-model as a neurocomputational weapon, a certain data structure that the brain can activate from time to time.

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2015 Sep 25 00:46
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