Catalans in unofficial independence vote - regional elections
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Catalans in unofficial independence vote - regional elections
Quote:Separatist parties are expected to win control of Catalonia's parliament in an election on Sunday, setting the region on course for a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain, which the central government says is impossible.

Opinion polls indicate the main secessionist platform "Junts Pel Si" (Together for Yes) and leftist party CUP are likely to fall short of 50 percent of the vote, but they would still secure a majority of seats in the 135-strong regional assembly.

Both have said that such a result would allow them to unilaterally declare independence within 18 months.

The Spanish center-right government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, which has opposed any attempt to hold a referendum on secession, has called the breakaway plan "a nonsense" and vowed to block it in court.

While a breakaway by the wealthy northeastern autonomous region is still very much seen as a theoretical question, even in Catalonia, analysts say the election result will bear long-lasting consequences at local and countrywide level.

Some background - the pro-indy parties are running as a single list, and if they win the majority of seats, the plan is to initiate an independence process.

Catalonia election: a guide to its most important vote yet
2015 Sep 27 08:19
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