Interactive map: Migration patterns to Europe (2012-2015)
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Interactive map: Migration patterns to Europe (2012-2015)
A pretty interesting article and interactive map of the migration patterns from various places in Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia to the Eurozone.

Quote:Stunning interactive map shows the thousands of migrants flocking to Europe every month and how 680,000 have arrived this year alone

A new interactive map shows the flow of more than a million migrants who have made their way to Europe in the past three years.

Each dot represents between 25 and 50 people who were among the more than 1.3million seeking asylum in the Eurozone from 2012 to the end of 2015.

And by hovering over individual countries you can see how many migrants they have taken - or in some cases have lost - over the past three years.

The map has been plotted based on figures from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees who say in excess of 680,000 have arrived in Europe in the past ten months.

[Image: 2qiwpjk.jpg]

The majority of the asylum seekers are from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern countries.

It has been created by Lucify who worked with developer Ville Saarinen to make it possible.

They said in a statement: 'We recognized that such a visualization does not only show the scale of the numbers, but also beautifully tells the story of what those numbers mean'.

For the full data hover on the map below:

*Access interactive map here: *


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