New Year's presents for disadvantaged children
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Big Grin New Year's presents for disadvantaged children
Quote:A humanitarian campaign dubbed "You too are Grandfather Frost" will be held on December 27 at the Children's Cultural Center in Belgrade.

The campaign is meant to provide presents for those children who would otherwise receive none during the holidays.

Grandfather Frost is a fictional figure from Serbian traditions, similar to Santa Claus, who brings New Year's presents to children.

This year, the presents collected during the campaign will be given to children from halfway houses in Belgrade's municipalities of Zvezdara and New Belgrade, and those in the care of the COCI organization from Sopot, and the Society for Cerebral Palsy of Sumadija from Kragujevac.

The organizers of the campaign, the third of its kind, include the Rotary and Rotaract Club Belgrade Skadarlija, and the Association for the Affirmation of Culture.

They announced that packages with presents will be put together "according to the wishes of the children who wrote to Grandfather Frost - in order to support their dreams and make their New Year's presents wishes come true."

The event's purpose will be "not to let the children to lose faith in magic and love," said the organizers.


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RE: New Year's presents for disadvantaged children
Ded Mraz?! lolllllll The Russky version (and probably the original, given how the figure is probably a Soviet attempt to come up with a Christmas celebration fit for godless atheists) is called Ded Moroz, which likewise is "Grandad Frost", but in Russian, mraz´ means "filth"! Some of the secondary translations would be fun too:

мразь сущ. фразы
общ. crud; guck; turd; four-letter man (Anglophile); bottom-feeder (Liv Bliss); scum of the earth (Liv Bliss)
австрал., сл. scum; scumbag; shit
амер. creep (a detestable person Val_Ships)
бран. filth (He referred to his daughters as "filth" and "whores". ART Vancouver)
разг. nit
руг. sleazeball (k.vorobyov)
сл. waste of life (Tanitra); jerkoff (someone whom everyone hates in a store (jerk off) Ana_net); slimeball (Taras); slimebag (Taras); low-life (Александр_10); waste of skin (Liv Bliss); waste of air (Liv Bliss)

Dear Grandad Jerkoff,
For Christmas, I would like... Big Grin

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Thomas Carlyle
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