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I wasn't sure where to put this thread, so if its in the wrong place, feel free to move...

To the point. Let's use this thread for linking or quoting entire or bits of speeches by speakers that for one reason or other have caught your fancy.

Oswald Mosley is unbeatable. Here he speaks prophetically about globalisation:

Another particular favourite of mine is from 1809, by the Swedish General von Döbeln. The translation is mine. The original can be viewed here.

Quote:Speech to Finnish troops, 8th October 1809.

I have gathered the army, to announce, that a preliminary peace agreement has been reached between the Swedish and Russian powers. - These tidings of peace will end all the miseries of a raging war - These should be happy tidings in view of Sweden's exhausted resources, as it ends a conflict, that began as a political mistake, and that has for the second year running required all her strength.

But Finland will be separated from Sweden. - The new state border runs along Torneå river. - Finns! With this peace, a third of the lands of the Swedish crowns are lost. - Sweden loses the proud Finnish Nation, its strongest support - and even this is not enough, for the Swedish army loses its core and the most significant element of its military; - The Motherland is crushed, drowned in sorrow and longing for its unrecoverable sacrifices, but the Wise Allmighty has decided our Destiny, we must accept it with patience - with humility.

- Soldiers! Comrades! Brothers! You, who under the war, with so much loyalty and manliness, despite the superior numbers of the enemy armies, with the strength of arms, at Siikajoki, Revolax, Pulkkila, Lappo, Kauhajoki, Alavo Lappfjerd, Etzeri, Nummijärvi, Juthas and Idensalmi and elsewhere defeated your enemies.

- You, who with your own hands re-took half of Finland, - You, who were finally outnumbered and forced to leave the Finnish border, and have since then with bravery fought for the Swedish soil of the Motherland.

- Aye, you who are present! Are precious survivors of the Proud Finnish Nation and their brave warriors, it is to You that I should and shall, with a moved heart, present you with the King's, - the Realm's, - The Swedish folk's, - The Swedish Army's, - my Brothers in arms, - my own, everyone's, sincere Gratitude.

The King's Gracious Well-wishes, - The Realm's empathy, - The admiration of the Swedish folk, - The friendly respect of the Swedish Army, - The sympathy of my Brothers in arms, - My own devotion towards you, is the sacrifice that consecrates you, and that is brought forth by me!

Finns! Brothers! Your deeds are great, and the gratitude we and all others bestow upon you is equally great. -To express this requires all the skill of a great speaker. But I'm a Soldier. - A Soldier! What a proud title! This title I have, from you - for you - and with you! Receive then the earnest thoughts of a moved heart, and you Swedish Troops, who are present at this honourable and sorrowful event; be living witnesses to the Swedish Motherland's sincere gratitude. - Swedes! Be proud to have seen these Finnish Survivors! Remember them! Honour them! See their weary bodies, their pale faces, they carry the hardships of the past years! And you Finns! When you return to your homelands, deliver the message of gratitude of the Swedish Folk to your Nation! Know this, you may return with torn clothes, amputated or bullet-pierced limbs, but also the visible beauty of the Soul of a Warrior.

Enemies to the Swedish Motherland could you never become - of that I am convinced - but remain it's Friends for all time! Should the new Ruler oppose the living out of your hopes and will, then with the silent speech of Heart and Mind, send your blessings to the Motherland! Remind your children of it; teach every family, bless you, honour you.

- One thing I ask of you! When you return to the lands where we defeated our Enemies, and you see the wretched sand mounds that cover our fallen comrades, give them a silent sigh of Blessing, for they died as heroes and their ashes are cared for by the spirits of Honour.

- I know the human hearts' many quirks, its eagerness to hastily choose an object, which it thinks it will never lose, but barely have a few weeks passed, before instability has made another Choice, time changes everything - with it, everything is forgotten; but one thing I can assure you, and you will see it for yourselves, that the bonds formed between soldiers, bound in battle, danger, blood and death, can never be undone; Thus we are and I am convinced of each others love; the Brotherhood of us soldiers will last us our lifetimes, and the gratitude I've expressed for you, and am now expressing to you, has made our bond an insoluble union.

- Finns! Brothers! If only my words could be accompanied by tears of blood from my eyes, they would flow, and each drop would assure you of my devotion, my friendship!
G. v. Döbeln.

General Befälhafvare
öfver Kongl. Norra Arméen;

"Devil, I am devil." ― Pekka Siitoin
2012 Jun 07 16:52
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RE: Speeches
More Mosley. Truly a great speaker.

Quote:Comrades in Struggle by Oswald Mosley
June 1938

Brother Blackshirts, my comrades in struggle:

Our fight is for the soul, and in that battle we go forward together till victory be won. Our struggle is hard, because we are fighting for something great, and great things are not lightly or easily gained. We are fighting for nothing less than a revolution in the spirit of our people. We must be worthy of our mission, for blackshirts are those who are summoned to lead the people to a new and a higher civilization.

The Blackshirt is a revolutionary dedicated to the service of our country. We must always possess the character of the true revolutionary. It is not the character that you observe in the little men of the old parties, blown hither and thither by every gust of convenience opinion, elated by a little success, downcast by a little failure, gossiping and chattering about the prospects of the next five minutes, jostling for place, but not so forward in service. Without loyalty, endurance, or staying power, such a character is the hallmark of financial democratic politics. It is the opposite of national socialism.

In the true revolutionary, the first quality is the power to endure. Constancy, loyalty to cause and comrades, manhood and stability of nature. These are the qualities of the true Briton and the true revolutionary. In our movement that great character of the British has been reborn. And for that reason we carry within us the destiny of Britain. We care not whether we win tomorrow morning or at the end of a lifetime of labour and of struggle. For to us the little calculations of the little men mean nothing. All we care is that win we will because Britain demands it and no power on earth can hold down the will within us.

Struggles we have had and will have. Blows we have taken and will again. Victories we have had and will have again, yes greater victories than even Britons have ever known. Through good and ill we march on, till victory be won, for this is the character of the true revolutionary. In the great moments of supreme struggle and decision it is easy to hold that character, even in supreme sacrifice. It is not so easy in the hard daily task. It is then even more that in the great fights we have together that I would like to be the companion of every one of you. I would like to be with every action team that carries the message of our new faith to new streets. I would like to be with every man or woman during the hard but vital job of giving leadership to the people in the block of houses for which they are responsible.

For these are the jobs that come, by the dedication of thousands to that mission of leading the people in their own homes and streets, revolution is won. In that task I cannot in body be with everyone of you every day. But in spirit I am with you always. Because this work of the dedicated Blackshirt will win the Britain to which my whole spirit is given. Together in Britain we have lit a flame that the atheists shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame my brother Blackshirts until it illumines Britain and lights again the path of mankind.

First time I heard "Financial Democratic politics". THAT is what stood face to face with Social Democratic politics in Berlin after ´45. And yet the term is unknown to most who live under it. Most believe it´s just ´democracy´ on the rocks. Facepalm

Well, they´ll realise soon enough.
2012 Jun 07 17:12
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Kornilov did nothing wrong


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RE: Speeches
There are not many speeches of Soso I like, but this one really has spirit:

Quote:Comrades, Red Army and Red Navy men, commanders and political instructors, men and women workers, men and women collective farmers, intellectuals, brothers and sisters in the enemy rear who have temporarily fallen under the yoke of the German brigands, our glorious men and women guerrillas who are disrupting the rear of the German invaders!

On behalf of the Soviet Government and our Bolshevik Party I greet you and congratulate you on the 24th anniversary of the great October Socialist Revolution.

Comrades, today we must celebrate the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution in difficult conditions. The German brigands' treacherous attack and the war that they forced upon us have created a threat to our country. We have temporarily lost a number of regions, and the enemy is before the gates of Leningrad and Moscow.

The enemy calculated that our army would be dispersed at the very first blow and our country forced to its knees. But the enemy wholly miscalculated. Despite temporary reverses, our army and our navy are bravely beating off enemy attacks along the whole front, inflicting heavy losses, while our country-our whole country-has organized itself into a single fighting camp in order, jointly with our army and navy, to rout the German invaders.

There was a time when our country was in a still more difficult position. Recall the year 1918, when we celebrated the first anniversary of the October Revolution. At that time three-quarters of our country was in the hands of foreign interventionists. We had temporarily lost the Ukraine, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. We had no allies, we had no Red Army-we had only just begun to create it-and we experienced a shortage of bread, a shortage of arms, a shortage of equipment.

At that time 14 states were arrayed against our country, but we did not become despondent or downhearted. In the midst of the conflagration of war we organized the Red Army and converted our country into a military camp. The spirit of the great Lenin inspired us at that time for the war against the interventionists.

And what happened? We defeated the interventionists, regained all our lost territories and achieved victory.

Today our country is in a far better position than it was 23 years ago. Today it is many times richer in industry, food and raw materials. Today we have allies who jointly with us form a united front against the German invaders. Today we enjoy the sympathy and support of all the peoples of Europe fallen under the yoke of Fascist tyranny. Today we have a splendid army and a splendid navy, defending the freedom and independence of our country with their lives. We experience no serious shortage either of food or of arms or equipment.

Our whole country, all the peoples of our country, are backing our army and our navy, helping them smash the Nazi hordes. Our reserves in manpower are inexhaustible. The spirit of the great Lenin inspires us for our patriotic war today as it did 23 years ago.

Is it possible, then, to doubt that we can and must gain victory over the German invaders? The enemy is not as strong as some terror-stricken pseudo-intellectuals picture him. The devil is not as terrible as he is painted. Who can deny that our Red Army has more than once put the much-vaunted German troops to panicky flight?

If one judges by Germany's real position and not by the boastful assertions of German propagandists, it will not be difficult to see that the Nazi German invaders are facing disaster.

Hunger and poverty reign in Germany. In four and a half months of war Germany has lost four and a half million soldiers. Germany is bleeding white; her manpower is giving out. A spirit of revolt is gaining possession not only of the nations of Europe under the German invaders' yoke, but of the Germans themselves, who see no end to the war.

The German invaders are straining their last forces. There is no doubt that Germany cannot keep up such an effort for any long time. Another few months, another half year, one year perhaps-and Hitlerite Germany must collapse under the weight of its own crimes.

Comrades, Red Army and Red Navy men, commanders and political instructors, men and women guerrillas!

The whole world is looking to you as a force capable of destroying the brigand hordes of German invaders. The enslaved peoples of Europe under the yoke of the German invaders are looking to you as their liberators. A great mission of liberation has fallen to your lot.

Be worthy of this mission! The war you are waging is a war of liberation, a just war. Let the heroic images of our great ancestors-Alexander Nevsky, Dmitri Donskoi, Kusma Minin, Dmitri Pozharsky, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Kutuzov-inspire you in this war!

Let the victorious banner of the great Lenin fly over your heads!

Utter destruction to the German invaders!

Death to the German armies of occupation!

Long live our glorious motherland, her freedom and her independence!

Under the banner of Lenin-onward to victory!


November 7, 1941


"Whoever says that he "belongs to his time" is only saying that he agrees with the largest number of fools at that moment." - Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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2012 Jun 07 17:27
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RE: Speeches

2012 Jun 07 17:29
Kornilov did nothing wrong


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RE: Speeches
The greatest "speech" in Russian history was the "Word to the People" in my opinion. It wasn't literally a speech, but a letter adressed to the Soviet people, so it should be a related "genre". Unfortunatly I couldn't find a full English translation, so I'll post it in Russian:

Quote:Дорогие россияне! Граждане СССР! Соотечественники!
Случилось огромное небывалое горе. Родина, страна наша, государство великое, данное нам в сбережение историей, природой, славными предками, гибнет, ломается, погружается во тьму и небытие. И эта погибель происходит при нашем молчании, попустительстве и согласии. Неужели окаменели наши сердца и души и нет ни в ком из нас мощи, отваги, любви к Отечеству, что двигала нашими дедами и отцами, положившими жизнь за Родину на полях брани и в мрачных застенках, великих трудах и борениях сложившими из молитв, тягот и откровений державу, для коих Родина, государство были высшими святынями жизни?
Что с нами сделалось, братья? Почему лукавые и велеречивые властители, умные и хитрые отступники, жадные и богатые стяжатели, издеваясь над нами, глумясь над нашими верованиями, пользуясь нашей наивностью, захватили власть, растаскивают богатства, отнимают у народа дома, заводы и земли, режут на части страну, ссорят нас и морочат, отлучают от прошлого, отстраняют от будущего — обрекают на жалкое прозябание в рабстве и подчинении у всесильных соседей? Как случилось, что мы на своих оглушающих митингах, в своем раздражении и нетерпении, истосковавшись по переменам, желая для страны процветания, допустили к власти не любящих эту страну, раболепствующих перед заморскими покровителями, там, за морем, ищущих совета и благословения?
Братья, поздно мы просыпаемся, поздно замечаем беду, когда дом наш уже горит с четырех углов, когда тушить его приходится не водой, а своими слезами и кровью. Неужели допустим вторично за этот век гражданский раздор и войну, снова кинем себя в жестокие, не нами запущенные жернова, где перетрутся кости народа, переломится становой хребет России?
Обращаемся к вам со словами предельной ответственности, обращаемся к представителям всех профессий и сословий, всех идеологий и верований, всех партий и движений, для коих различия наши — ничто перед общей бедой и болью, перед общей любовью к Родине, которую видим единой, неделимой, сплотившей братские народы в могучее государство, без которого нет нам бытия под солнцем. Очнемся, опомнимся, встанем и стар, и мал за страну. Скажем "Нет!" губителям и захватчикам. Положим предел нашему отступлению на последнем рубеже сопротивления. Мы начинаем всенародное движение, призывая в наши ряды тех, кто распознал страшную напасть, случившуюся со страной.
Мы зовем к себе рабочий люд, которому нынешние фарисеи обещали изобилие и заработки, а теперь изгоняют с заводов и шахт, обрекают на голод, бесправие, на унылое стояние в очередях за пособием, ломтем хлеба, за милостыней богачей и хозяев.
Мы зовем к себе трудолюбивых крестьян, измотанных невежественной властью, чьи нынешние судьбы решают вчерашние разрушители деревень и творцы утопических программ, навязывая хлеборобу кабальный обмен, обрекая на запустение пашни, на истребление уцелевших, кормящих страну хозяйств.
Мы взываем к инженерам, чьими руками, умом и талантом были созданы уникальная техническая цивилизация, мощная индустрия, обеспечившая благополучие и защиту народа, позволившая Родине взлететь в космос. Техника, которая, устав работать, нуждалась в модернизации и обновлении, за шесть лет безделья и разглагольствований остановилась и рухнула, и теперь мы — страна остановленных предприятий, умолкнувшей энергетики, исчезнувших товаров, растерянных обнищавших инженеров, отлученных от творчества.
Мы взываем к ученым, достойно продвигавшим развитие отечественной науки, изумлявшим мир плодами своих трудов, накопившим в лабораториях и институтах открытия для следующего рывка в двадцать первый век, где мы надеялись на достойное место в человеческой цивилизации. Вместо этого демагоги и злоумышленники разоряют драгоценные накопления, рассыпают коллективы исследователей, закрывают научные направления, вбивают тромбы в развитие космических исследований, ядерных технологий, новейшей химии, обрекая лучшие умы на прозябание, на бегство из родных пределов в преуспевающие страны, где их талант станет питать не свое, а чужое развитие.
Мы устремляем свой голос к армии, снискавшей уважение человечества за самоотверженный подвиг спасения Европы от гитлеровской чумы, к армии, унаследовавшей лучшие качества русского, советского воинства и противостоящей агрессивным силам. Нелегкие времена переживают наши славные защитники. Не вина армии, что она вынуждена поспешно покидать зарубежные гарнизоны, быть объектом беспардонных политических спекуляций, подвергаться постоянным атакам лжи и очернительства безответственных политиканов. Но никому не удастся превратить Вооруженные силы в аморфную массу, разложить изнутри, предать осквернению. Мы убеждены, что воины армии и флота, верные своему святому долгу, не допустят братоубийственной войны, разрушения Отечества, выступят надежным гарантом безопасности и оплотом всех здоровых сил общества.
Мы устремляем свой голос к художникам и писателям, по крохам создававшим культуру на развалинах разгромленной классики, добывавшим для народа образы красоты и добра, ожидавшим в будущем расцвета искусств, а обретшим нищету, низведение творчества до жалкого фарса на потеху коммерсантов и богачей, когда народ, отлученный от духа, лишенный идеала, управляемый безнравственными лукавцами, выводится из истории, превращается в дешевую рабочую силу для иноземных фабрикантов.
Мы обращаемся к Православной церкви, прошедшей Голгофу, медленно, после всех избиений встающей из гроба. Она, чей духовный свет сиял в русской истории даже во времена мрака, сегодня, еще неокрепшая, терзается распрями, ущемляется в епархиях и приходах, не находит достойной опоры в сильной державной власти. Пусть она услышит взывающий к спасению глас народа.
Мы обращаемся к мусульманам, буддистам, протестантам, верующим всех направлений, для которых вера есть синоним добра, красоты и истины; на них сегодня наступают жестокость, уродство и ложь, губящие душу живую.
Мы обращаемся к партиям, большим и малым, к либералам и монархистам, к централистам и земцам, к певцам национальной идеи. Мы обращаемся к партии — коммунистической, которая несет всю ответственность не только за победы и провалы предшествующих семидесяти лет, но и за шесть последних трагических, в которые компартия сначала ввела страну, а потом отказалась от власти, отдав эту власть легкомысленным и неумелым парламентариям, рассорившим нас друг с другом, наплодившим тысячи мертворожденных законов, из коих живы лишь те, что отдают народ в кабалу, делят на части измученное тело страны. Коммунисты, чью партию разрушают их собственные вожди, побросав партбилеты, один за другим мчатся в лагерь противника — предают, изменяют, требуют для недавних товарищей виселицы, — пусть коммунисты услышат наш зов!
Молодежь, наша надежда и цвет, которую растлевают, отдав в услужение ложным кумирам, обрекают на безделье, бездарность, наркотики и преступность.
Старики, наша мудрость и гордость, безотказные труженики и неустанные наши кормильцы, получившие в удел нищенство и надругание над прожитым, осквернение печатным и телевизионным варевом тех, кто добивается умерщвления памяти, противопоставления поколений.
Молодые ветераны, воины-интернационалисты, проявившие самоотверженность и гуманизм, высокие нравственные качества, но поставленные в положение без вины виноватых.
Женщины, отказывающие себе в высшем природном праве — продлевать в потомстве род из-за страха плодить нищету, пополнять солдатами армию гражданской войны, пугающиеся своей любви и своего материнства...
Все, кто ни есть в городах и селениях, в степях и лесах, у кромки великих, омывающих страну океанов, — очнемся, встанем для единения и отпора губителям Родины!
Начнем с этой минуты путь ко спасению государства. Создадим народно-патриотическое движение, где каждый, обладая своей волей и влиянием, соединится во имя высшей цели — спасения Отчизны.
Сплотимся же, чтобы остановить цепную реакцию гибельного распада государства, экономики, личности; чтобы содействовать укреплению советской власти, превращению ее в подлинно народную власть, а не в кормушку для алчущих нуворишей, готовых распродать все и вся ради своих ненасытных аппетитов; чтобы не дать разбушеваться занимающемуся пожару межнациональной розни и гражданской войны.
Не пожалеем сил для осуществления таких реформ, которые способны преодолеть невыносимое отчуждение человека от власти труда, собственности, культуры, создать ему достойные условия для жизни и самовыражения. Окажем энергичную поддержку прогрессивным новациям, нацеленным на то, чтобы продвигать наше общество вперед, достигнуть современных высот научно-технического прогресса, раскрепостить умы и энергию людей, чтобы каждый мог жить по труду, совести и справедливости. И мы будем выступать против таких проектов, которые тащат страну назад, во мрак средневековья, туда, где культ денег, силы, жестокости, похоти.
Наше движение — для тех, кому чужд разрушительный зуд, кто горит желанием созидать, обустраивать наш общий дом, чтобы жили в нем дружно, уютно и счастливо каждый народ, большой и малый, каждый человек, и стар, и млад.
Не время тешить себя иллюзиями, беспечно надеясь на прозорливость новоявленных мессий, с легкостью необыкновенной сулящих нам то одну, то другую панацею от всех бед. Пора отряхнуть оцепенение, сообща и всенародно искать выход из нынешнего тупика. Среди россиян есть государственные мужи, готовые повести страну в неунизительное суверенное будущее. Есть знатоки экономики, способные восстановить производство. Есть мыслители, творцы духа, прозревающие общенародный идеал.
Советский Союз — наш дом и оплот, построенный великими усилиями всех народов и наций, спасший нас от позора и рабства в годины черных нашествий! Россия — единственная, ненаглядная! — она взывает о помощи.

An uncomplete English translation is given on Wikipedia:

Quote:Dear Russians! Citizens of the USSR! Compatriots!
An enormous, unforeseen calamity has taken place. Motherland, our land, a great power, given to us to ward with the nature, glorious ancestors, it is perishing, breaking apart, falling into darkness and nonbeing. And this collapse takes place at our silence, toleration and accord.<...>
Brethren, too late are we waking up, are observing the misery when our home is already burning in four corners, when extinguishing this has to be done not by water, but by our own tears and blood. Do we allow for the second time during this century civil discordance and war, again throw ourselves into merciless millstones, set started not by us, that will be grinding the bones of the people, breaking in two the backbone of Russia? <...>
Let us unite, so as to stop the chain reaction of the disastrous collapse of the state, economy, human personality; in order to contribute to the strengthening of the Soviet power, to the transformation of it into a genuinely people's power, and not some manger for the hungry nouveaux riches, who are ready to sell off everything for the sake of their insatiable appetite.<...>
Soviet Union, this is our home and stronghold, built with enormous efforts of all the peoples and nations, that has saved us from disgrace and slavery at the times of hideous invasions! Russia - unique, beloved! - she is crying for help.

Read more:


"Whoever says that he "belongs to his time" is only saying that he agrees with the largest number of fools at that moment." - Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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RE: Speeches
Huey Long's famous "Share the Wealth" speech.


Radio Address by Senator Huey P. Long, of Louisiana, February 23, 1934

Ladies and Gentlemen: —

I have only 30 minutes in which to speak to you this evening, and I, therefore, will not be able to discuss in detail so much as I can write when I have all of the time and space that is allowed me for the subjects, but I will undertake to sketch them very briefly without manuscript or preparation, so that you can understand them so well as I can tell them to you tonight.

I contend, my friends, that we have no difficult problem to solve in America, and that is the view of nearly everyone with whom I have discussed the matter here in Washington and elsewhere throughout the United States—that we have no very difficult problem to solve.

It is not the difficulty of the problem which we have; it is the fact that the rich people of this country—and by rich people I mean the super-rich—will not allow us to solve the problems, or rather the one little problem that is afflicting this country, because in order to cure all of our woes it is necessary to scale down the big fortunes, that we may scatter the wealth to be shared by all of the people.

We have a marvelous love for this Government of ours; in fact, it is almost a religion, and it is well that it should be, because we have a splendid form of government and we have a splendid set of laws. We have everything here that we need, except that we have neglected the fundamentals upon which the American Government was principally predicated.

How many of you remember the first thing that the Declaration of Independence said? It said: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that there are certain inalienable rights for the people, and among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;" and it said further, "We hold the view that all men are created equal."

Now, what did they mean by that? Did they mean, my friends, to say that all men are created equal and that that meant that any one man was born to inherit $10,000,000,000 and that another child was to be born to inherit nothing?

Did that mean, my friends, that someone would come into this world without having had an opportunity, of course, to have hit one lick of work, should be born with more than it and all of its children and children's children could ever dispose of, but that another one would have to be born into a life of starvation?

That was not the meaning of the Declaration of Independence when it said that all men are created equal or "That we hold that all men are created equal."

Nor was it the meaning of the Declaration of Independence when it said that they held that there were certain rights that were inalienable—the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Is that right of life, my friends, when the young children of this country are being reared into a sphere which is more owned by 12 men than it by 120,000,000 people?

Is that, my friends, giving them a fair shake of the dice or anything like the inalienable right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or anything resembling the fact that all people are created equal; when we have today in America thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of children on the verge of starvation in a land that is overflowing with too much to eat and too much to wear?

I do not think you will contend that, and I do not think for a moment that they will contend it.

Now let us see if we cannot return this Government to the Declaration of Independence and see if we are going to do anything regarding it. Why should we hesitate or why should we quibble or why should we quarrel with one another to find out what the difficulty is, when we know that the Lord told us what the difficulty is, and Moses wrote it out so a blind man could see it, then Jesus told us all about it, and it was later written in the Book of James, where everyone could read it?

I refer to the Scriptures, now, my friends, and give you what it says not for the purpose of convincing you of the wisdom of myself, not for the purpose, ladies and gentlemen, of convincing you of the fact that I am quoting the Scriptures means that I am to be more believed than someone else; but I quote you the Scripture, or rather refer you to the Scripture, because whatever you see there you may rely upon will never be disproved so long as you or your children or anyone may live; and you may further depend upon the fact that not one historical fact that the Bible has ever contained has ever yet been disproved by any scientific discovery or by reason of anything that has been disclosed to man through his own individual mind or through the wisdom of the Lord which the Lord has allowed him to have.

But the Scripture says, ladies and gentlemen, that no country can survive, or for a country to survive it is necessary that we keep the wealth scattered among the people, that nothing should keep the wealth scattered among the people, that nothing should be held permanently by any one person, and that 50 years seems to be the year of jubilee in which all property would be scattered about and returned to the sources from which it originally came, and every seventh year debt should be remitted.

Those two things the Almighty said to be necessary—I should say He knew to be necessary, or else He would not have so prescribed that the property would be kept among the general run of the people, and that everyone would continue to share in it; so that no one man would get half of it and hand it down to a son, who takes half of what was left, and that son hand it down to another one, who would take half of what was left, until, like a snowball going downhill, all of the snow was off of the ground except what the snowball had.

I believe that was the judgment and the view and the law of the Lord, that we would have to distribute wealth ever so often, in order that there could not be people starving to death in a land of plenty, as there is in America today.

We have in America today more wealth, more goods, more food, more clothing, more houses than we have ever had. We have everything in abundance here.

We have the farm problem, my friends, because we have too much cotton, because we have too much wheat, and have too much corn, and too much potatoes.

We have a home loan problem, because we have too many houses, and yet nobody can buy them and live in them.

We have trouble, my friends, In the country, because we have too much money owing, the greatest indebtedness that has ever been given to civilization, where it has been shown that we are incapable of distributing the actual things that are here, because the people have not money enough to supply themselves with them, and because the greed of a few men is such that they think it is necessary that they own everything, and their pleasure consists in the starvation of the masses, and in their possessing things they cannot use, and their children cannot use, but who bask in the splendor of sunlight and wealth, casting darkness and despair and impressing it on everyone else.

"So, therefore," said the Lord in effect, "if you see these things that now have occurred and exist in this and other countries, there must be a constant scattering of wealth in any country if this country is to survive."

"Then," said the Lord, in effect, "every seventh year there shall be a remission of debts; there will be no debts after 7 years." That was the law.

Now, let us take America today. We have in America today, ladies and gentlemen, $272,000,000,000 of debt. Two hundred and seventy-two thousand millions of dollars of debts are owed by the various people of this country today. Why, my friends, that cannot be paid. It is not possible for that kind of debt to be paid.

The entire currency of the United States is only $6,000,000,000. That is all of the money that we have got in America today. All the actual money you have got in all of your banks, all that you have got in the Government Treasury, is $6,000,000,000; and if you took all that money and paid it out today you would still owe $266,000,000,000; and if you took all that money and paid again you would still owe $260,000,000,000; and if you took it, my friends, 20 times and paid it you would still owe $150,000,000,000.

You would have to have 45 times the entire money supply of the United States today to pay the debts of the people of America and then they would just have to start out from scratch, without a dime to go on with.

So, my friends, it is impossible to pay all of these debts, and you might as well find out that it cannot be done. The United States Supreme Court has definitely found out that it could not be done, because, in a Minnesota case, it held that when a State has postponed the evil day of collecting a debt it was a valid and constitutional exercise of legislative power.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, if I may proceed to give you some other words that I think you can understand—I am not going to belabor you by quoting tonight—I am going to tell you what the wise men of all ages and all times, down even to the present day, have all said: That you must keep the wealth of the country scattered, and you must limit the amount that any one man can own. You cannot let any man own §300,000,000,000 or $400,000,000,000. If you do, one man can own all of the wealth that the United States has in it.

Now, my friends, if you were off on an island where there were 100 lunches, you could not let one man eat up the hundred lunches, or take the hundred lunches and not let anybody else eat any of them. If you did, there would not be anything else for the balance of the people to consume.

So, we have in America today, my friends, a condition by which about 10 men dominate the means of activity in at least 85 percent of the activities that you own. They either own directly everything or they have got some kind of mortgage on it, with a very small percentage to be excepted. They own the banks, they own the steel mills, they own the railroads, they own the bonds, they own the mortgages, they own the stores, and they have chained the country from one end to the other until there is not any kind of business that a small, independent man could go into today and make a living, and there is not any kind of business that an independent man can go into and make any money to buy an automobile with; and they have finally and gradually and steadily eliminated everybody from the fields in which there is a living to be made, and still they have got little enough sense to think they ought to be able to get more business out of it anyway.

If you reduce a man to the point where he is starving to death and bleeding and dying, how do you expect that man to get hold of any money to spend with you? It is not possible.

Then, ladies and gentlemen, how do you expect people to live, when the wherewith cannot be had by the people?

In the beginning I quoted from the Scriptures. I hope you will understand that I am not quoting Scripture to you to convince you of my goodness personally, because that is a thing between me and my Maker; that is something as to how I stand with my Maker and as to how you stand with your Maker. That is not concerned with this issue, except and unless there are those of you who would be so good as to pray for the souls of some of UK. Rut the Lord gave His law, and in the Book of James they said so, that the rich should weep and howl for the miseries that had come upon them; and, therefore, it was written that when the rich hold goods they could not use and could not consume, you will inflict punishment on them, and nothing but days of woe ahead of them.

Then we have heard of the great Greek philosopher, Socrates, and the greater Greek philosopher, Plato, and we have read the dialogue between Plato and Socrates, in which one said that great riches brought on great poverty, and would be destructive of a country. Read what they said. Read what Plato said; that you must not let any one man be too poor, and you must not let any one man be too rich; that the same mill that grinds out the extra rich is the mill that will grind out the extra poor, because, in order that the extra rich can become so affluent, they must necessarily take more of what ordinarily would belong to the average man.

It is a very simple process of mathematics that you do not have to study, and that no one is going to discuss with you.

So that was the view of Socrates and Plato. That was the view of the English statesmen. That was the view of American statesmen. That was the view of American statesmen like Daniel Webster, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, William Jennings Bryan, and Theodore Roosevelt, and even as late as Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Both of these men, Mr. Hoover and Mr. Roosevelt, came out and said there had to be a decentralization of wealth, but neither one of them did anything about it. But, nevertheless, they recognized the principle. The fact that neither one of them ever did anything about it is their own problem that I am not undertaking to criticize; but had Mr. Hoover carried out what he says ought to be done, he would be retiring from the President's office, very probably, 8 years from now, instead of 1 year ago; and had Mr. Roosevelt proceeded along the lines that he stated were necessary for the decentralization of wealth, he would have gone, my friends, a long way already, and within a few months he would have probably reached a solution of all of the problems that afflict this country today.

But I wish to warn you now that nothing that has been done up to this date has taken one dime away from these big fortune-holders; they own just as much as they did, and probably a little bit more; they hold just as many of the debts of the common people as they ever held, and probably a little bit more; and unless we, my friends, are going to give the people of this country a fair shake of the dice, by which they will all get something out of the funds of this land, there is not a chance on the topside of this God's eternal earth by which we can rescue this country and rescue the people of this country.

It is necessary to save the government of the country, but is much more necessary to save the people of America. We love this country. We love this Government. It is a religion, I say. It is a kind of religion people have read of when women, in the name of religion, would take their infant babes and throw them into the burning flame, where they would be instantly devoured by the all-consuming fire, in days gone by; and there probably are some people of the world even today, who, in the name of religion, throw their own babes to destruction; but in the name of our good government, people today are seeing their own children hungry, tired, half-naked, lifting their tear-dimmed eyes into the sad faces of their fathers and mothers, who cannot give them food and clothing they both need, and which is necessary to sustain them, and that goes on day after day, and night after night, when day gets into darkness and blackness, knowing those children would arise in the morning without being fed, and probably go to bed at night without being fed.

Yet in the name of our Government, and all alone, those people undertake and strive as hard as they can to keep a good government alive, and how long they can stand that no one knows. If I were in their place tonight, the place where millions are, I hope that I would have what I might say—I cannot give you the word to express the kind of fortitude they have; that is the word—I hope that I might have the fortitude to praise and honor my Government that had allowed me here in this land, where there is too much to eat and too much to wear, to starve in order that a handful of men can have so much more than they can ever eat or they can ever wear.

Now, we have organized a society, and we call it "Share Our Wealth Society," a society with the motto "Every Man a King."

Every man a king, so there would be no such thing as a man or woman who did not have the necessities of life, who would not be dependent upon the whims and caprices and ipsi dixit of the financial barons for a living. What do we propose by this society? We propose to limit the wealth of big men in the country. There is an average of $15,000 in wealth to every family in America. That is right here today.

We do not propose to divide it up equally. We do not propose a division of wealth, but we propose to limit poverty that we will allow to be inflicted upon any man's family. We will not say we are going to try to guarantee any equality, or $15,000 to a family. No; but we do say that one third of the average is low enough for any one family to hold, that there should be a guarantee of a family wealth of around $5,000; enough for a home, an automobile, a radio, and the ordinary conveniences, and the opportunity to educate their children; a fair share of the income of this land thereafter to that family so there will be no such thing as merely the select to have those things, and so there will be no such thing as a family living in poverty and distress.

We have to limit fortunes. Our present plan is that we will allow no one man to own more that $50,000,000. We think that with that limit we will be able to carry out the balance of the program. It may be necessary that we limit it to less than $50,000,000. It may be necessary, in working out of the plans that no man's fortune would be more than $10,000,000 or $15,000,000. But be that as it may, it will still be more than any one man, or any one man and his children and their children, will be able to spend in their lifetimes; and it is not necessary or reasonable to have wealth piled up beyond that point where we cannot prevent poverty among the masses.

Another thing we propose is old-age pension of $30 a month for everyone that is 60 years old. Now, we do not give this pension to a man making $1,000 a year, and we do not give it to him if he has $10,000 in property, but outside of that we do.

We will limit hours of work. There is not any necessity of having overproduction. I think all you have got to do, ladies and gentlemen, is just limit the hours of work to such an extent as people will work only so long as it is necessary to produce enough for all of the people to have what they need. Why, ladies and gentlemen, let us say that all of these labor-saving devices reduce hours down to where you do not have to work but 4 hours a day; that is enough for these people, and then praise be the name of the Lord, if it gets that good. Let it be good and not a curse, and then we will have 5 hours a day and 5 days a week-, or even less than that, and we might give a man a whole month off during a year, or give him 2 months; and we might do what other countries have seen fit to do, and what I did in Louisiana, by having schools by which adults could go back and learn the things that have been discovered since they went to school.

We will not have any trouble taking care of the agricultural situation. All you have to do is balance your production with your consumption. You simply have to abandon a particular crop that you have too much of, and all you have to do is store the surplus for the next year, and the Government will take it over.

When you have good crops in the area in which the crops that have been planted are sufficient for another year, put in your public works in the particular year when you do not need to raise any more, and by that means you get everybody employed. When the Government has enough of any particular crop to take care of all of the people, that will be all that is necessary; and in order to do all of this, our taxation is going to be to take the billion-dollar fortunes and strip them down to frying size, not to exceed $50,000,000, and if it is necessary to come to $10,000,000, we will come to $10,000,000. We have worked the proposition out to guarantee a limit upon property (and no man will own less than one-third the average), and guarantee a reduction of fortunes and a reduction of hours to spread wealth throughout this country. We would care for the old people above 60 and take them away from this thriving industry and give them a chance to enjoy the necessities and live in ease, and thereby lift from the market the labor which would probably create a surplus of commodities.

Those are the things we propose to do. "Every Man a King." Every man to eat when there is something to eat; all to wear something when there is something to wear. That makes us all a sovereign.

You cannot solve these things through these various and sundry alphabetical codes. You can have the N. R. A. and P. W. A. and C. W. A. and the U. U. G. and G. I. N. and any other kind of dad-gummed lettered code. You can wait until doomsday and see 25 more alphabets, but that is not going to solve this proposition. Why hide? Why quibble? You know what the trouble is. The man that says he does not know what the trouble is is just hiding his face to keep from seeing the sunlight.

God told you what the trouble was. The philosophers told you what the trouble was; and when you have a country where one man owns more than 100,000 people, or a million people, and when you have a country where there are four men, as in America, that have got more control over things than all the 120,000,000 people together, you know what the trouble is.

We had these great incomes in this country; but the farmer, who plowed from sunup to sundown, who labored here from sunup to sundown for 6 days a week, wound up at the end of the time with practically nothing.

And we ought to take care of the veterans of the wars in this program. That is a small matter. Suppose it does cost a billion dollars a year—that means that the money will be scattered throughout this country. We ought to pay them a bonus. We can do it. We ought to take care of every single one of the sick and disabled veterans. I do not care whether a man got sick on the battlefield or did not; every man that wore the uniform of this country is entitled to be taken care of, and there is money enough to do it; and we need to spread the wealth of the country, which you did not do in what you call the N. R. A.

If the N. R. A. has done any good, I can put it all in my eye without having it hurt. All I can see that the N. R. A. has done is to put the little man out of business—the little merchant in his store, the little Italian that is running a fruit stand, or the Greek shoe-shining stand, who has to take hold of a code of 275 pages and study it with a spirit level and compass and looking-glass; he has to hire a Philadelphia lawyer to tell him what is in the code; and by the time he learns what the code is, he is in jail or out of business; and they have got a chain code system that has already put him out of business. The N. R. A. is not worth anything, and I said so when they put it through.

Now, my friends, we have got to hit the root with the ax. Centralized power in the hands of a few, with centralized credit in the hands of a few, is the trouble.

Get together in your community tonight or tomorrow and organize one of our Share Our Wealth Societies. If you do not understand it, write me and let me send you the platform; let me give you the proof of it.

This is Huey P. Long talking, United States Senator, Washington, D. C. Write me and let me send you the data on this proposition. Enroll with us. Let us make known to the people what we are going to do. I will send you a button, if I have got enough of them left. We have got a little button that some of our friends designed, with our message around the rim of the button, and in the center "Every Man a King." Many thousands of them are meeting through the United States, and every day we are getting hundreds and hundreds of letters. Share Our Wealth Societies are now being organized, and people have it within their power to relieve themselves from this terrible situation.

Look at what the Mayo brothers announced this week, these greatest scientists of all the world today, who are entitled to have more money than all the Morgans and the Rockefellers, or anyone else, and yet the Mayos turn back their big fortunes to be used for treating the sick, and said they did not want to lay up fortunes in this earth, but wanted to turn them back where they would do some good; but the other big capitalists are not willing to do that, are not willing to do what these men, 10 times more worthy, have already done, and it is going to take a law to require them to do it.

Organize your Share Our Wealth Society and get your people to meet with you, and make known your wishes to your Senators and Representatives in Congress.

Now, my friends, I am going to stop. I thank you for this opportunity to talk to you. I am having to talk under the auspices and by the grace and permission of the National Broadcasting System tonight, and they are letting me talk free. If I had the money, and I wish I had the money, I would like to talk to you more often on this line, but I have not got it, and I cannot expect these people to give it to me free except on some rare instance. But, my friends, I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you, and I am writing to you, and I hope that you will get up and help in the work, because the resolutions and bills are before Congress, and we hope to have your help in getting together and organizing your Share Our Wealth Societies.

Now, that I have but a minute left, I want to say that I suppose my family is listening in on the radio in New Orleans, and I will say to my wife and three children that I am entirely well and hope to be home before many more days, and I hope they have listened to my speech tonight, and I wish them and all of their neighbors and friends everything good that may be had.

I thank you, my friends, for your kind attention, and I hope you will enroll with us, take care of your own work in the work of this Government, and share or help in our Share Our Wealth Societies.

I thank you.

Not in haunts of marble chill,
Temples drear where ancients trod,—
Nay, in oaks on woody hill
Lives and moves the German God.

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RE: Speeches
Ezra Pound - Canto XLV (Usura)

Not in haunts of marble chill,
Temples drear where ancients trod,—
Nay, in oaks on woody hill
Lives and moves the German God.

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