EU warns Poland to protect 'rule of law' over judicial crisis
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EU warns Poland to protect 'rule of law' over judicial crisis
EU warns Poland to protect 'rule of law' over judicial crisis

Warsaw (AFP) - The European Union warned eastern European powerhouse Poland to avoid endangering the rule of law with controversial reforms that former president Lech Walesa said undermined democracy and made the country a laughing stock.

A European Commission letter -- seen Wednesday by AFP -- to Poland's foreign and justice ministers, urged the reforms not be "finally adopted or put into force" until all questions about their impact "have been fully and properly assessed."

The EU's executive arm "attaches great importance to preventing the emergence of situations whereby the rule of law in (a) member state could be called into question," according to the letter.

Parliament on Tuesday adopted -- by 235 votes to 181 with four abstentions -- reforms to the Constitutional Court which have provoked an avalanche of criticism at home and abroad. (...)

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