German pensioners will flee to Hungary
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German pensioners will flee to Hungary
Magyar Hírlap (HU)

German pensioners will flee to Hungary

Anyone with any sense in Europe will back the Visegrád states' initiative, the commentator of the pro-government daily Magyar Hírlap writes, adding that he knows where German pensioners will be spending their twilight years:

“We must preserve the unity and cooperation among the Visegrád states, and we must seek to incorporate more and more countries. It is in the best interests of the European states to belong to this alliance. Anyone with a soul, a European awareness and of course common sense will follow Eastern Europe's course. … Soon German pensioners will start flooding into Hungary to start a new life in its villages. They want to hear the bells ring at midday and they want to meet white, Christian people on the street.”

- Zsolt Bayer

Not in haunts of marble chill,
Temples drear where ancients trod,—
Nay, in oaks on woody hill
Lives and moves the German God.

2016 Feb 19 21:30
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