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FINAL - Portugal (1):(0) France
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RE: FINAL - Portugal (1):(0) France
(2016 Jul 13 16:20)W. R. Wrote:  
(2016 Jul 13 14:17)Zephyr Wrote:  In a country with 11 million people, Portugal has at this moment 0 professional football strikers.

My remark was not only about the white pride worldwide, it's about the very principle. If you are flom the village of Villariba, it is great if you can go watch on Sundays how your team performs in a match against the team from Villabajo. It's enertaining to watch and comment, and the atmosphere is great.

But if your own team, in order to win, orders a complete stranger from Ivory Coast and tries to lure a couple of good footballers from Villabajo by promising them money, the situation becomes ridiculous and, I'd say, unfair. But in modern football such a situation is completely normal somehow.

In the next 4 years it will rather be <portuguesetoponym>-de-cima VS <portuguesetoponym>-de-baixo. ;)

For almost 600 years Portugal had a global empire. All those blacks are people from former colonies who opted for dual citizenship. I don't like it but I can't do anything. Still different from Kazakhstan hiring Mr. Mukambo from Ghana.

France had 5 genuine French in the whole 23, we had 14 genuine Portuguese and we never played with less than 6 natives. Or 5 and a Gypsy. France never played with more than 2 native French. Still a difference.

Back in 2006 we only had 2 blacks, 1 mulatto and 1 white Brazilian in a squad of 23, and we were often playing with an all-"white" team. France as usual, fielding an all-black team and helped by the referees in their protection of the mighty République Multiculturelle, eliminated us with another usual phantom penalty.

This time we played their game using their rules and added intelligence and solidarity, grinding the way through. During the tournament, journalists abusing us as usual: "disgusting Portugal", "little Portuguese don't deserve to be here", they even called for match replay. There's a petition calling for the final match to be replayed.

Rejouer le match final de l'Euro 2016
À l'attention : de l'UEFA

La triche Portugaise ne mérite pas un trophée pareil !

Signez la pétition
Déjà 115.241 signatures

All these years my people have been working like fucking bastards in France doing the shitty jobs they didn't want because they're too good to work or because they work 1 hour and rest 3 hours "parce que je suis très fatigué" and on top of that being constantly abused and humiliated, being considered some sort of an inferior species.

Playing any fucking sports against them would always mean being fucked with phantom penalties, the surgical cards, the last minute cheat and now they thought they would again make us the fucking whores of La République Multiculturelle and celebrate their endless jingoism at our expenses.

We went into fucking Mordor and defeated the Jacobines right at the heart of la bête noire with a goal from the darkest charcoal nigga ever. Poetic.

[Image: m8Qubx3.jpg]

Jeff Hanneman 1964-2013
João Ribas 1965-2014
Lemmy Kilmister 1945-2015
2016 Jul 13 17:54
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RE: FINAL - Portugal (1):(0) France
Europeans per teams:

[Image: White_people_per_team.jpg]

Portugal destroyed a strong multicultural propaganda like France had in 1998. Though the terrorist attacks would ruin this shit anyway.
2016 Jul 15 12:09
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RE: FINAL - Portugal (1):(0) France
Portugal winning was unexpected after the roaring performance of Griezmann in the previous two matches. Yet, Portugal deserved it.

It was unfortunate for Ronaldo to be injured and missing the rest of the match. It seems to have been caused by another French African player tackling him so hard. He worked long and hard to win a national championship only to be injured in the early stage of a match that gave Portugal the cup. I can understand his profound disappointment but he is probably consolidated by the fact his team still won the game.
2016 Jul 16 20:11
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