Podemos ahead of Socialists as election looms
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Podemos ahead of Socialists as election looms
Looks likely Spain's political paralysis will continie.

Quote:The surveys published in El Pais, El Mundo and El Espanol dailies showed acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's conservative Popular Party coming first again, with 27.7-31 percent, still way short of a parliamentary majority.

That result would be comparable to the 28.7 percent, which the party obtained in an inconclusive December 20th general election that resulted in a hung parliament.

The Socialists, however, would drop from the second to third place, garnering just 20.2-21.6 percent while Unidos Podemos -- an alliance made up of Podemos and its smaller rival Izquierda Unida -- would receive 23.7-25.6 percent.

The Socialists, long the voice of Spain's left, captured 22 percent of the vote during the last election, just ahead of Podemos which got 20.7 percent.

Podemos, a close ally of Greece's ruling Syriza party, in early May formed an alliance with Izquierda Unida, a far-left party, to run together in the June 26 repeat elections.

Centrist party Ciudadanos would be fourth with 14-16.6 percent support, the polls showed, compared to 13.9 percent in December.

Before the December 20th general election polls consistently overestimated support for Ciudadanos and underestimated support for Podemos.

"We once again face a complex political situation which could see the formation of a new government delayed until after the August holidays," El Mundo wrote in an editorial.
2016 Jun 06 09:55
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RE: Podemos ahead of Socialists as election looms
Just when even mainland Spain could have profited from the hundreds of thousands of Turkey, Greece and Maghreb tourist who had to change their travel plans. But I am still waiting for the massive breakdown of inftrastructure and services during Euro 2016 in France and during the Olympic Games later on in Rio.

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RE: Podemos ahead of Socialists as election looms
Podemos completely uninflated, they have lost over a million votes and end up with the same seats they already had after their alliance with Izquierda Unida. PSOE came second but it has been totally obliterated, it got the worst result of its history. The only winner here is PP, but because all parties are against PP, it means that there will once again be no posible government, we are headed towards new elections in 6 months time. And the cycle will continue to repeat itself until PP reaches the number of necessary MPs to govern or until the "new parties" (Podemos and Ciudadanos) completely burnout, a process that has already started.

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2016 Jun 30 17:36
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