Mark Rutte regrets ‘disastrous’ Ukraine referendum
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Mark Rutte regrets ‘disastrous’ Ukraine referendum
Mark Rutte regrets ‘disastrous’ Ukraine referendum

Dutch prime minister ‘totally, totally, totally’ against referendums on EU-wide agreements.

By HANNE COKELAERE 6/13/16, 3:10 PM CET Updated 6/13/16, 5:53 PM CET

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Monday said he was “totally, totally, totally against referendums” as he expressed regret that Dutch citizens had voted down an EU agreement with Ukraine.

Rutte blamed “his beloved coalition partners” the Social Democrats (PvdA) for the result of a non-binding referendum on April 6, in which the Dutch overwhelmingly rejected a so-called association agreement with Ukraine, aimed at creating closer economic and social ties between the EU and Kiev, Dutch newspaper NRC reported. (...)

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