Naked in the national interest
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Quote:[Image: _90131385_ironmitt.jpg]
If the president commands..

When President Alyaksandr Lukashenko urged Belarusians "to get undressed and work till you sweat", there was every reason for his passionate appeal.

After all, the country is experiencing one of the worst economic situations in decades. With the value of the rouble plummeting and rampant unemployment, what else there is to do but to work harder?

But in the days after the president's speech, some Belarusians answered the call perhaps a little more literally than might have been anticipated by Lukashenko - who is informally called Daddy (Batska) by some of his countrymen.

Dozens began posing for pictures at their workplaces well...undressed - and have been posting the images on social media with the hashtag #getnakedandwork (#раздеватьсяиработать).

[Image: _90129479_batska.jpg]
"Daddy says, we do."

[Image: _90131491_getnaked.jpg]
"Acting according to the presidential decree."

[Image: _90129481_batska2.jpg]
"I took care of the strawberries today. And how have you fulfilled the government instruction?"

But it did not end up just with pictures. Some not-overly-dressed Belarusians went and recorded tongue-in-cheek songs about the president's message.

Over the weekend, the hashtag was picked up outside of Belarus, and users, from Russia, Ukraine and Baltic states were seen posting undressed pictures of themselves at workplaces. Quite possibly, the recent hot weather in eastern Europe provided the incentive for more people to join in.

Blog by Dmytro Zotsenko

where you at, WR?
2016 Jun 28 23:06
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RE: Naked in the national interest
Do the Belarusians have some kind of problem here?
2016 Jun 29 07:15
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RE: Naked in the national interest
(2016 Jun 28 23:06)Xmia Wrote:  where you at, WR?

I rebelled against the government by staying dressed.

Now excuse me, I have to go into my nerdish mode.

(2016 Jun 28 23:06)Xmia Wrote:  Lukashenko - who is informally called Daddy (Batska) by some of his countrymen.

The nickname is not popular among Belarusian speakers or trasyanka speakers: because the main meaning of the word ‘baćka’ is simply ‘father’ (or sometimes ‘parents’ when plural: maje baćkimy parents).

In the Russian language bat'ka is:

1. a traditional folksy world for ‘father’ (sounds somewhat disrespectful in modern speech);
2. a casual word for ‘priest’ (sounds disrespectful in modern speech);
3. in the Ukraine, in Belarus, in the south of Russia during the Russian Civil War: a head of a militia group, for example ‘bat'ka Makhno’.

That's why Russian speakers call Luka ‘bat'ka’: it is a colorful, ‘tasty’ word, suitable for the charismatic and rustic president.

That's why Belarusian speakers do not call Luka ‘baćka’ and are often annoyed by the nickname: father is father, it's weird to call someone, who is not related to you, by ‘father’.

[...] just as it is not left unto us to choose our ancestors, so we may not choose our nation; we can only fulfil, or not fulfil, the obligations that come from being a member of our people’.
© Dr. Jan Stankievič ‘From the History of Belarus’

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2016 Jun 29 18:10
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