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RE: Huh-whyte News Only
29:00 Tiina Wiik opens the conference
31:40 Millennial Woes. Part 1
53:40 Paul Ramsey
1:13:50 Frodi Midjord
1:30:00 Break
2:00:10 Timo Hännikäinen
2:21:00 Nico Saramo
2:37:50 F. Roger Devlin
2:56:00 Break
4:14:30 Ruuben Kaalep
4:33:00 Greg Johnson
4:54:00 Break
(5:08:00 Massive antifa protest!)
5:31:20 Jared Taylor
5:58:20 Millennial Woes. Part 2
6:19:00 The end

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