Sturgeon 'abandons plans to stay in the EU': First Minister 'will scrap policy if she
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Sturgeon 'abandons plans to stay in the EU': First Minister 'will scrap policy if she
Sturgeon 'abandons plans to stay in the EU': First Minister 'will scrap policy if she wins referendum' as two polls reveal most Scots want to stay in the UK

Nicola Sturgeon has demanded a second referendum on Scottish independence
But already suffered setbacks with polls showing strong majority still back union
First Minister said to be ready to accept Scotland would not stay fully within EU
Two thirds of Scots want the bloc to have reduced powers or for the UK to leave

Nicola Sturgeon is preparing to drop her insistence that an independent Scotland must stay in the EU after two polls showing she faces losing the referendum.
The First Minister could respond to signs she is out of step with public opinion by calling for a looser Norway-style link, which would see the country pay into Brussels coffers in return for access to the single market. (...)

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2017 Mar 15 10:53
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Indyref2: Poll finds support for independence at high of 46%
Quote:Support for independence now stands at its highest ever level, according to a highly-respected academic survey that has tracked Scottish views on the constitution for almost two decades. Nicola Sturgeon’s drive for a second independence referendum is today boosted by the publication of ScotCen’s annual Social Attitudes Survey, which found that 46 per cent of Scottish voters now back independence.

Backing for breaking up the UK is now double the 23 per cent recorded in 2012 when the first independence campaign got under way – and one point above the result of that vote.

The findings suggest the future of the UK hangs in the balance as the First Minister attempted to take control over the timing of a second vote by insisting the Scottish Parliament should determine when it is held.

But the survey also identified rising Euroscepticism, which suggests it could be challenging for Ms Sturgeon to win support for independence by deploying her argument that it would enable Scotland to remain in the European Union. Even though Scotland voted to remain in the EU by 62 per cent to 38 per cent last year, ScotCen found that around two-thirds of Scots (67 per cent) either want Britain to leave the EU (25 per cent) or for the bloc’s powers to be reduced (42 per cent).

The proportion of Scots who can be considered eurosceptic has risen since 2014 when 53 per cent either wanted Britain to leave or have a reduction in the EU’s influence.



Full Scottish independence? I don't think many people expected that.
Then again, history is full of surprises.
2017 Mar 15 15:48
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