Population, Conquest and Terror in the 21st Century
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Population, Conquest and Terror in the 21st Century
Population, Conquest and Terror in the 21st Century


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2017 Apr 23 23:26
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RE: Population, Conquest and Terror in the 2st Century
Quote:No combination could be more explosive. Peace activists promise that the victory over hunger will also bring victory over war. Youth bulge analysis, however, shows again and again that when hunger ends, the killing starts in earnest. Why? Because humanitarian measures have made millions of sons stronger and better educated. For bread, people beg; for positions in society, they fight.

This is perhaps the clearest polical commentary I have ever read. It's a short text, so I recommend reading it to everyone.

In a certain sense it was thoughtless and immoral of the West to give chiefly material aid to "less developed" countries because these people lack the moral preparation and wisdom to accommodate for the increase of wealth. It has been witnessed many times over in history that material welfare and undeserved privileges deteriorate the spiritual health of people. As a consequence mankind is not living in harmony with the natural world and forsakes the good morals they were taught before.

Pentti Linkola was and still is right about overpopulation and heedless consumption of resources. Poverty is good and natural. Even though what he says is horrible to many people, how many are actually comfortable when the alternative course of action produces a much worse situation? Fierce economical competition, if not downright paratisism, and ultimately meaningless warfare everywhere.
2017 Apr 24 04:22
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