EU prepares for post-Brexit membership for united Ireland
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EU prepares for post-Brexit membership for united Ireland
Quote:Summit endorsement would raise fears over fragmentation of UK

European leaders are preparing to recognise the potential for a “united Ireland” within the EU, confirming that Northern Ireland would seamlessly rejoin the bloc after Brexit in the event of a vote for Irish reunification.

In a step that may stoke concerns in Britain that Brexit could hasten the fragmentation of the UK, diplomats are planning to ask leaders of the EU’s 27 post-Brexit member countries to endorse the idea in a summit on Saturday.

It would allow the province to follow the example of German reunification in 1990 and reflect the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which ended decades of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

The agreement allows a referendum on reuniting Ireland where there is reason to believe a majority in the province is in favour.

The rest at Financial Times

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