EU deepens its own crisis with attacks on Hungary, Poland
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EU deepens its own crisis with attacks on Hungary, Poland
EU deepens its own crisis with attacks on Hungary, Poland

By L. Todd Wood - - Thursday, May 18, 2017

The European Parliament has condemned Hungary for human rights issues and a breakdown of the rule of law. Brussels is now threatening all-out financial war against both Hungary and Poland, among others, for alleged human rights abuses and anti-democratic policies and actions. But with conservative governments insisting on their sovereign right to protect their borders and preserve their national identities, Europe is headed for an existential crisis from which it may not recover in its current form.
The primary issue is the forced acceptance of hundreds of thousands of Islamic migrants into these Christian countries. Currently, the refugees have been welcomed in some Western European nations, which has led to extreme social unrest. Leaders in the West are eager to find a safety valve, and Eastern Europe looks like a good solution. Western Europe has already given up any defense of its culture and its very heritage. The globalists in the EU leadership want others to suffer their fate — along with the violence, sexual discrimination, crime and terror that comes with such policies.

Brussels is also upset at measures instituted by both Budapest and Warsaw that the EU sees as anti-democratic and oppressive. These include: restrictions on the media, a law against a George Soros-backed university in Hungary and placing government-friendly officials in key positions to further the governing party’s policies. (...)

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