First Ever Database of British and Irish Hillforts Released
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First Ever Database of British and Irish Hillforts Released
Quote:Dotted across the landscape of Britain and Ireland, hillforts have been part of our story for millennia. Launched today (22 June), for the first time a new online atlas captures all of their locations and key details in one resource.

With the help of citizen scientists from across England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, a research team funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has spent the last five-years sifting and recording information on all the hillforts across Britain and Ireland. They have discovered there are 4,147 hillforts in total, and have collated details for every one on a website that will be accessible to the public – and completely free.

The team are drawn from the University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, and University College Cork. Edinburgh’s Professor Ian Ralston, who co-led the project, said: “Standing on a windswept hillfort with dramatic views across the countryside, you really feel like you’re fully immersed in history. This research project is all about sharing the stories of the thousands of hillforts across Britain and Ireland in one place that is accessible to the public and researchers.”

For some reason the link isn't working for me, may be too many visitors after the launch.

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