Nigel Farage condemned over ‘Jewish lobby’ comment
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Nigel Farage condemned over ‘Jewish lobby’ comment
Nigel Farage condemned over ‘Jewish lobby’ comment

He also discussed their "money and influence"

Nigel Farage has been criticised for referring to “a powerful Jewish lobby” operating in America.

Mr Farage, who was presenting his phone-in show on the LBC network yesterday, took a call from someone identifying himself as “Ahmed” during a debate on Russian influence in last year’s US presidential election.

“How come there’s such an issue with Russia, and no one really highlighting AIPAC and the Israeli lobby and their involvement in American politics and elections”, the caller asked.

Mr Farage, referring to the “Israeli lobby”, responded by saying Ahmed had made “a reasonable point”. (...)

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2017 Nov 01 01:13
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RE: Nigel Farage condemned over ‘Jewish lobby’ comment
Very surprising reaction to Farage's diplomatic and thoughtful response. This might have been a deliberate political bait for having stepped on some sensitive toes, but maybe I am just being excessively cynical.

The article's critical voices targeting Farage were the same type of self-victimization trash that white nationalists are often guilty of. "Full conspiracy," really? What is there wrong with stating that some lobby group is powerful and well-organized, especially when this is historically true?

Has success suddenly become something to be ashamed of? Maybe Farage should tactfully apologize and publicly announce how much more weaker and disorganized the Israeli lobby is than what he had previously thought, and express his gravest concern over the Jews' diminishing wealth and power.

Note that the balance of power certainly might have been changing in recent years to favor more of the rich Muslim, mostly Saudi, financiers, so it actually might be true that the Isreali lobby and finding any common "Jewish cause" has become a more difficult position to hold.
2017 Nov 01 02:15
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