Thomas Piketty on the Russian kleptocracy
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RE: Thomas Piketty on the Russian kleptocracy
(2017 Nov 16 19:23)Osweo Wrote:  (As an anglichanin, these are the things I'm jealous of - just to have even a dim memory of such an intellectual tradition, ekh!)

The Slavophiles (Dostoevsky was one) are pretty interesting to study, since there is a misconception about the Slavophile vs. Europhile discourse in the West and in Russia itself (due to brainwashing), in that the Slavophiles are famous for creating the notion of a "unique" Russian civlization that does not follow the same trajectory as the larger European civilization. This notion has often been taken and twisted to represent Russia as some despotic, Byzantinistic and/or Asiatic nation (as opposed to "free" Europe), while the Slavophiles in all actuality were liberal enlightenment thinkers who only differed from the Western liberals of the time in their relation to the monarchy and the church.

P.S: Dugin is an insane narkoman.

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2017 Nov 16 22:07
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