Japan's economy seen growing for eighth straight quarter
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Japan's economy seen growing for eighth straight quarter
Japan's economy seen growing for eighth straight quarter

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan’s economy was expected to grow for an eighth straight quarter in October-December, the longest period of expansion in about 30 years, a Reuters poll found on Friday, led by robust exports and solid domestic demand.

Gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated to have expanded at an annualized rate of 0.9 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, the poll of 19 analysts found.

That would be the longest streak of growth since a 12-quarter stretch of growth between April-June 1986 and January-March 1989 around the height of Japan’s notorious economic bubble.

The pace of growth likely slowed in the fourth quarter from annualized 2.5 percent growth in the third quarter, but analysts believe the deceleration will be temporary. (...)



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