Paglia on the Post Modernists: "These people are frauds!"
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Paglia on the Post Modernists: "These people are frauds!"
Feminist non-conformist (mostly in a good sense!) Camille Paglia tears Post Modernism and the identity politics gravy train a new arsehole:

I never really thought of the sixties as a lost opportunity before, being accustomed to sneer at all of it without discrimination, but she argues a good case here that academia was highjacked by people without an organic connection to some of the most promising and revolutionary things experienced in the '60s, mostly for their own shameless career purposes.

"And now if a whole nation fell into that? In such a case, I answer, infallibly they will return out of it. For life is no cunningly-devised deception or self deception, it is a great truth that thou art alive, that thou hast desires, necessities: neither can these subsist and satisfy themselves on delusions, but on fact. To fact, depend on it, we shall come back: to such fact, blessed or cursed, as we have wisdom for."
Thomas Carlyle
2018 Feb 14 17:34
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