Demagogues Win as Europe’s Populist Tide Sweeps Italy
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Demagogues Win as Europe’s Populist Tide Sweeps Italy
Demagogues Win as Europe’s Populist Tide Sweeps Italy

The Italian elections on Sunday were the latest powerful wave in a tidal turn of anti-immigrant, anti-European Union and antidemocratic fervor that has ravaged European politics. The vote was a stinging rejection of traditional parties, and of national leadership that has been frustrated by a flood of migrants from Africa and the Middle East and stymied by years of stagnation.

While the populist parties that were the two biggest vote-getters were different in many ways, both want to abandon the euro and support for migrants, and shared conspiracy theories about bankers, vaccines and the 9/11 attacks.

The lack of an outright winner or obvious coalition promises a long and wobbly slog before a government, most likely unstable, takes shape.

The big winner, with about 32 percent of the vote, was the Five Star Movement, a grass-roots mélange of libertarians, progressives, Euroskeptics and other disenchanted voters formed less than a decade ago by a comedian, and now led by a 31-year-old college dropout, Luigi Di Maio.

Next was the far-right League (formerly Northern League) led by Matteo Salvini, 44. An enthusiastic fan of Marine Le Pen’s National Front and Donald Trump, Mr. Salvini fanned sadly familiar flames of nationalism, ethnocentrism and xenophobia, promising, among other things, “cleansing” Italy of immigrants, threatening force. (...)

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