US considering troop withdrawal from Germany, report says
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US considering troop withdrawal from Germany, report says
US considering troop withdrawal from Germany, report says

European officials are reportedly trying to figure out if a US evaluation of the impact of moving troops from Germany is a negotiating ploy ahead of a NATO summit in July. Some 35,000 US troops are stationed in Germany.

The US Department of Defense is examining options for withdrawing US forces stationed in Germany after President Donald Trump expressed interest in such a move, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

The newspaper, citing anonymous sources familiar with the evaluation, said officials were analyzing the cost and consequences of shifting either some or all 35,000 US troops to the US or Poland. Top defense officials, the paper said, have not been involved in the analysis.

Read more: Trump calls out Germany, EU allies on NATO defense spending ahead of summit

Trump had reportedly showed interest in shifting US forces during a White House meeting earlier in the year after he had voiced shock at how many US troops were in Germany, the largest contingent of US forces in Europe.

Spokesmen for the National Security Council at the White House and the Pentagon said the Defense Department regularly analyzes the US troop deployments. (...)

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