EU Commission, apologize for "mob" label for critics of copyright bill
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EU Commission, apologize for "mob" label for critics of copyright bill
EU Commission, apologize for "mob" label for critics of copyright bill

After badly offending decent critics of its controversial proposal for an EU Copyright Directive by labeling them as a "mob" in the headline of an official Medium post (The Copyright Directive: How the mob was told to save the dragon and slay the knight), the European Commission must finally show a sincere commitment to civil discourse and issue an apology. The people so offended (including, among others, many law professors) committed nothing (such as acts of violence) that would have justified the terminology the EU's primary executive government agency hurled at dissidents.

The insulting headline was online for several days, then got removed (on Saturday, February 16) in response to complaints (mostly communicated via Twitter). As explained here ("European Commission removes offensive blog post that called critics of copyright bill a 'mob'"), the action taken so far is dishonest and deficient, which is why nothing short of a sincere apology can be accepted under the circumstances:

While the article per se has been taken down, the URL ( still contains the headline that sparked outrage in the first place.
By claiming that readers of the post failed to get the message, though there is only one reasonable and plausible way to understand the aforementioned headline, the EU Commission tries to shift the blame. One might even call this victim blaming. (...)

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