Luftwaffe Typhoons kick USAF Raptors butts (dogfight)
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Luftwaffe Typhoons kick USAF Raptors butts (dogfight)
[Image: Eurofighter-typhoon-3009-luftwaffe.jpg]


[Image: f-22_raptor_2.jpg]

Quote:Currently, Germany's Eurofighters are geared purely towards the air-to-air role. That must change, with employing the type as a multi-role machine being the only way of fully utilising its capabilities, Grune says. Once its aircraft receive those added capabilities, it should take about two years to train crews to fully use them in those new roles, he adds.

As part of the Distant Frontier exercise, F-22s from the USAF's 525th Fighter Squadron faced off against the German fighters in visual-range basic fighter manoeuvres (BFM) combat training.

While Grune does not directly say that the Eurofighters emerged as the overall victors, he strongly implies it.

"I put out some whiskey. If they come back with some good performances, and if you know what the goal is from a BFM setup, and you achieve that, then I will pay you whiskey," he says. "And I paid quite a lot of whiskey."

That account, however, is strongly disputed by USAF sources flying the F-22. "It sounds as though we have very different recollections as to the outcomes of the BFM engagements that were fought," one Raptor pilot says.

USAF sources say that the Typhoon has good energy and a pretty good first turn, but that they were able to outmanoeuvre the Germans due to the Raptor's thrust vectoring. Additionally, the Typhoon was not able to match the high angle of attack capability of the F-22. "We ended up with numerous gunshots," another USAF pilot says.

BVR fight is obviously not discussed here as it is unnecessary, but good to see this. I think French also did it with Rafale too. Big Grin
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